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casino slots games online online casino using paypal australia “With so many other male revues going on in Vegas, we thought it was time to give this a try,” Davis told The Associated Press.

The Shady Lady Ranch, talk about false advertising if they start using males, would be the first Nevada brothel to offer male prostitutes. Why the first you ask? I know you’re thinking the obvious answer is that women don’t need male prostitutes, but that’s not the reason. The reason that there were no male prostitutes? The government! Until now the reason men couldn’t engage in legal prostitution was because the statute specifically required cervical checks for sexually transmitted diseases. For all of you readers out there still scratching your heads over why this is a problem let me just say that guys don’t have a cervix to check. Now the state board of health has approved urethral testing which would satisfy the statutory requirements. I don’t know if that kind of testing is worth it for a guy to be licensed to be a male prostitute. That’s just my opinion though, because that kind of testing does not appeal to me in the least.

This video is an advertisement from the “Famous Mustang Ranch” and gives a quick tour. Like I said, it’s safe for work and you aren’t going to see anything that is inappropriate. It’s actually some pretty good humor when you really sit back and think about what they are advertising and how they go about doing it. My favorite part is the handicapped accessible suite.

So the Shady Lady Ranch is going to be the first Nevada brothel to offer male prostitutes to customers. I’m guessing that this new “business venture” isn’t going to be nearly as successful as the women. What do you all think? I think that the chances of getting a lot of women to drive for hours through some of the most barren land in the nation, just so they can pay some guy for sex is pretty slim. That’s just my opinion though, I want to hear what you think.