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Gonzalez, 28-years-old, has plead guilty to the charges against him, but denies he was the mastermind behind the attacks. He plead guilty to at least 20 counts of identity thefts, computer fraud, and wire fraud. He is currently facing sentencing in a Boston Federal District court.This week, Gonzalez’ attorneys asked for leniency from the sentencing judge, claiming that Gonzalez suffers from Asperger syndrome, a mild form of autism. People who suffer from Asperger’s syndrome often have an obsession with whatever subjects they have an interest in. They typically have few interests and are powerless to contain their addiction to whatever they are interested in. In this case, I suppose that Gonzalez’ obsessive addiction would be to other people’s credit card numbers? No, actually, the argument is that he has an ‘internet addiction’.

Martin Weinberg, attorney for Gonzalez, told the court that the world’s most notorious hacker suffered from ‘diminished capacity’. His attorneys hired a forensic psychiatrist who determined that he did exhibit behavior that is consistent with Asperger’s disorder and that he seems to have an ‘internet addiction’. As a result, the judge has delayed the sentencing for three-months to give prosecutors the opportunity to access the defense claim. Further details of Weinberg’s request have been sealed by the court.

Prosecutors said that the psychiatrist questioned the hacker’s ‘capacity to knowingly evaluate the wrongfulness of his actions and consciously behave lawfully and avoid crime.’

Albert Gonzalez is a former government informant. He is facing a sentence of 15 to 25 years in prison. He also have been required to forfeit $1.1 million in cash, a Miami condominium, a Glock pistol and several computers.

Don’t worry, the hacker claims autism and seeks a lean sentence says he’s sorry and will never commit a crime again.

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