Imagine the audacity it would take for two girls to rob a bank. In addition, as of the writing of this article, the teen girls elude police in Ohio. The back robbery happened at a 1st National Bank on Fields Ertel Road in Symmes Township, a Cincinnati suburb, on Tuesday afternoon, January 5, 2010. The bank is located across the street from Symmes Square Shopping Center and Kings Auto Mall. The girls approached at teller in the bank, gave her a note demanding money and made away with the cash.

The girls are believed to be about 12-years-old and 14-years-old. Both girls are described as black. The older girl is described as heavy-set and about 5’5″ tall. The younger girl is described as thin and about 5’5″. Their ages are estimates made by eye-witnesses.

Accounts of the incident indicate that the two girls walked into the bank and handed a note to the teller. They are said to have implied that they would harm bank employees if their demands weren’t met. However, there were no weapons seen on them. The employees followed bank rules and handed over the money. The tellers gave the girls what is known as ‘bait money’. That is bills that have sequential serial numbers that are recorded. Once the money is spent, it can be tracked and hopefully lead back to the suspects.

Bank security cameras did not capture usable pictures of the two suspects.

Law enforcement officers are pursuing the teen girls who have so far continue to elude police in Ohio. Police are using helicopters, tracking dogs from the Warren County Sheriff’s Office, but have still not captured the girl bank robbers. The police are not revealing the amount of cash the girls who robbed the bank got away with.

You can see crime scene photos of the girls rob bank here.