الروليت المال الحقيقي لعبة طائرة ورقية العاب ماهر pelata rulettia verkossa rahalle فتحة Riverbelle الثروات فتحات على الانترنت المال الحقيقي A student from Start High School, Anferney Fontenet age 15, was arrested and allegedly confessed.
A rape, on a busy sidewalk with cars and people passing by and yet no one stopped to help.

Autistic Woman Raped By Teen, No One Helps. See video after the jump.

The victim of this crime was a resident of a group home for adults with disabilities. She is bi-polar and also has Asperger’s. Syndrome, also known as Autism.
The alleged perpetrator of this brutal assault admitted to leaving his high school early and stated he carried scissors for protection from others at school.
After allegedly confessing, he was questioned about a motive. Anferney Fontenet didn’t offer one.

Sgt. Sam Harris had this to say :

“He told us that he saw the woman walking alone on the street and in his mind he determined that he was going to have sex with her.”

Hopefully someone will explain Anferney that there is “having sex”; and then there’s RAPE.
What makes this case so unusual, and frankly a travesty, is that police say several drivers and pedestrians witnessed the attack, and no one bothered to stop and help.
Sure, a couple of people phoned it in…because they were “unsure” what it was they were witnessing. Perhaps a woman being pushed to the ground and her pant’s being pulled down was consensual! One driver even beeped his horn, another driver later turned around and went back to the scene in time to see the alleged rapist run away.

It’s important to note that police are saying the witnesses did the right thing by not interfering…they might have been hurt had they tried to rescue the woman. Apparently, phoning it in fulfills your duties as a model citizen in Toledo! Oh well…they have their opinion and are certainly entitled to it, as am I.

Several reports are that one woman that called 911, but didn’t stop, is full of remorse and can’t stop crying. Nor can she sleep.
I do feel bad for her, but want her to know it’s not about her or her feelings… I think she needs to step away, and let the victim move forward. In my opinion this “poor pitiful me” routine is her way of seeking validation she was in the right and has nothing to feel guilty for. Perhaps volunteering at a rape crisis center would help ease her conscious.

If these people weren’t sure they were witness to a horrific crime, why bother calling 911 to start with?

The woman that was raped is very angry, and rightfully so, that no one came to her aid. “I’m ticked off because people were doing nothing. Just driving by. What kind of humans are we becoming?” she stated to The Blade.
The victim even pointed out that she asked a man walking by if she could use his cell phone to call police ( her attacker had stolen hers )…he kept right on walking.

On the plus side, witnesses gave such a detailed description of the alleged rapist to police that they were able to apprehend and arrest Anferney Fontenet at the home he shares with his mother and sister.

Fontenet has been arraigned in juvenile court on charges of rape and robbery. Prosecutors said Thursday they would seek to have him tried as an adult. Fontenet has a very minor criminal history so I’m sure that will factor in when the decision is made.

If tried as a juvenile, the following is all Anferney Fontenet faces for the despicable* Autistic Woman Raped By Teen, No One Helps* saga.

A juvenile convicted of rape could face one to three years in detention or be held to age 21, Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Lori Olender said. A juvenile convicted of robbery could face one year of detention or be held to age 21.

What do you think? Would you stop and help, or phone it in? If Fontenet’s age and lack of criminal history is factored in, shouldn’t his victim’s Autism and other disabilities come into play also?
What a pathetically sad day for America when a woman can no longer safely walk to her local library in the middle of the day.