Police have charged a murdered lotto winner’s girlfriend, Dorice Moore, as an accessory in his killing. Abraham Shakespeare disappeared in April of 2009 and authorities had long given up finding the 43 year old alive. Shakespeare won $30 million dollars in the Florida lottery in 2006. Not long after that, Dorice Moore befriended Shakespeare under the guise of writing a book about him. His body [Shakespeare] was found buried in the yard of a home purchased by Dorice Moore.

In an affidavit provided by investigators Moore is said to have asked if anyone knew of someone who would take the rap for Shakespeare’s murder for $50,000. Dorice Moore was looking for someone already on their way to jail who wouldn’t mind having 1st degree murder added to their sentence.

Moore also inquired about having Abraham Shakespeare’s body dug up and moved to a different location. She in turn would supply a truck, plastic wrap and bleach. According to Shakespeare’s brother, Abraham grew to hate the fact that he had won the money. After winning $30 million in 2006 he opted for a lump sum of $17 million and was quickly deluged with requests for a piece of the pie.

The murdered lotto winner’s girlfriend, Dorice Moore, would soon come into the picture and his life would never be the same. She reportedly swindled him out of a million dollar home for just over $600,000 dollars and admitted to transferring $2 million dollars of his money into her personal bank account. This of course was all a part of her role as his “financial advisor.”

Just how deep Dorice Moore is involved in the murder of Abraham Shakespeare is not fully known at this time. Investigators into the murdered lotto winner case feel that at the very least she knew he was dead all the time and tried to cover it up. Moore’s lawyer said it was too early to speak about a possible plea deal in the case. Stories like these leaves little wonder why people have such a hard time trusting each other these days.