Now for another dose of liberal lunacy and lack of common sense, this time brought to you by the fine folks of the Staten Island educational system. Patrick Timoney, no, not an individual on the terrorist watch list, but a 4th grader suspended for playing with Lego toys because the figure he happened to be playing with was holding a machine gun.

It seems young Patrick Timoney made the ill conceived decision (sarcasm) to carry some Lego toys to school to play with his friends at lunch. For me it was G.I. Joe’s, but that’s another story. As Patrick and his friends were playing with their Lego’s at PS 52 during lunch period, the principal, ever the defender of the people and keeper of the gate, took the 9 year old into her office because he had on his possession a 2 inch toy gun.

Evelyn Matroianni, the principal who I deem common senseless, felt that the 4th grader must be suspended for playing with Lego toys of the 2 inch variety because there was a zero tolerance policy for toy guns in school set in place by the Department of Education.

Okay, I get the whole zero tolerance policy for toy guns in school. There are some pretty realistic looking weapons out there. But we’re not talking about Patrick Timoney going to school with a realistic looking M-16 and shooting the place up. The 4th grader had a 2 inch Lego toy that you would really need to strain your eyes to see.

My son loves Lego’s. More specifically he loves Lego action figures, Indiana Jones being his favorite. Do you know how many of these so called menace to society, 2 inch weapons my wife has vacuumed up with the Dyson? How could anyone, especially a supposedly educated woman in charge of educating kids, determine that a 2 inch machine gun in the hands of a Lego toy constituted a 4th grader’s suspension from school?

Surprisingly the Department of Education official told Patrick Timoney’s mother that no further action needed to be taken since the gun had been confiscated and returned to her. The Department of Education says that toy guns are regarded as harmful to the school community. I think stupid administrators who threaten 4th graders with suspension for playing with Lego toys is harmful to the school community.