In a story that has become as confusing as a ball of string held captive by a kitten, reports are now saying that Adam Gadahn was not the Al Qaeda operative arrested in Pakistan earlier today.

We, along with countless others, were eager to report that Adam Gadahn, also known as Adam Yahiye Gadahn (Azzam the American and Azzam al-Amereeki) had been captured earlier today in Karachi, Pakistan. His name at birth on September 1, 1978 was Adam Pearlman. Gadahn also uses the alias Yahya Majadin Adams.

Adam Gadahn, American Al Qaeda Arrest False? ( Video )
Anonymous Pakistani sources are saying the man they arrested this morning is “a Taliban militant leader who is known as Abua Yahy.” Our first clue that this information might have been incorrect should have been the release of the photo’s. They showed a man with a bag over his head.
Abua Yahy is considered an important Taliban operative and we are not trying to discount that, but it’s not the same as capturing alleged American traitor Adam Gadahn.

Earlier today Gadahn released another of his pathetic video’s, this one praising Maj. Nidal Hasan, the alleged Ft. Hood terrorist.

From CBS news:

Western diplomats in Islamabad, responding to the latest twist to this increasingly confusing saga, said the arrest is not insignificant. “Even if this is not Adam Gadahn, it is still not an unimportant development. But let’s hold our breath before we come to a final conclusion. We may be groping in the dark ’til someone, especially the Pakistanis who are holding this man, agree to present him publicly,” said one western diplomat in Islamabad who spoke to CBS News on condition of anonymity.

Some of the confusion stems from the fact that Abu Yahya is also an American, having been born in Pennsylvania.

The F.B.I. has offered a $1 million reward for Adam Gadahn’s capture and I along with many were truly hoping someone was going to collect that with this arrest. However, as mentioned, our earlier report appears to have been incorrect. Wrong. Perhaps just wishful thinking.
With all the reporting still going on, no one has been able to definitively say just who was captured. While that doesn’t excuse us, we gladly offer to share the crow we might end up eating when all is said and done.

It’s very rare that both the Associated Press and Reuters would get a story wrong.

We will update with more accurate information as we receive it.

If you have any thoughts on Adam Gadahn, American Al Qaeda Arrest False, feel free to share them. They will surely go well with the humble pie I’m about to devour.

We do not yet have the video released today, March 7th, 2010 by Adam Gadahn, but we do offer you the video clip below if you’re interested in the man that demands your conversion to Islam or your death.

Stay tuned—there’s sure to be a proper identification of the Al Qaeda terrorist arrested today at some point!