A week after the discovery of seventeen year old Chelsea King’s body in a shallow grave in Poway, California, the body of fourteen year old Amber Dubois has been found. She was found north of a reservation in Pala, California and her body positively identified via dental records.

Amber Dubois: Body Of Missing Teen Found In Pala, California ( Video )

Amber Dubois, just fourteen ( 14 ) years old, was last seen with an unidentified male on her way to school In February 13, 2009. Her case was not given the close scrutiny that Chelsea King’s disappearance received, perhaps due to the impression she had run away; so say many forum discussions across the internet.
Two people that knew Amber reported seeing her walking near a football field with a tall dark skinned ‘boy’.
That description does not fit John Albert Gardner, the man with so many fingers pointed at him right now.

Amber’s family said it was unlikely she ran away. She had no extra clothes, and she was excited to purchase a lamb she was going to raise through the school’s agricultural program. The $200 check she carried to school that day has never been cashed.

Amber’s parents, Moe Dubois and Carrie McGonigle, continued their search and last summer hired Texas search team with dogs that traced Amber’s scent to the community of Pala, specifically to the Pala library. However, no one there remembered seeing Amber and bloodhounds brought in by the FBI did not detect any trace of Amber Dubois a few months later.

John Albert Gardner, under arrest and charged with the murder of Chelsea King, lived about two miles from where Amber was last seen. It is not known if he played any role in the Amber Dubois case, but we do know he is being questioned.

Investigators have been working to determine if John Albert Gardner III, a 30-year-old registered sex offender who was arrested in Chelsea’s slaying, may have also been connected to Amber’s disappearance

John Gardner served a short five year sentence for lewd and lascivious behavior on a child under fourteen, and there has been extreme outrage due to the light sentencing he received in 2000. Even though a registered offender, and living not too far from Amber, he was not considered a suspect or person of interest worthy of interrogation until recently.

Forum rumor has it that he made a plea deal with the prosecutor in Chelsea King’s case that lead to the discovery of Amber’s body. Other reports say a hiker found her, yet others say an undisclosed tip lead to her remains being recovered.
Regardless, she is ‘home’ now, and will have a dignified funeral. Her parent’s will no longer face the hell of not knowing what happened to Amber, nor will they have the hope that she will be found alive the way Jaycee Dugard was.
Tragedy abounds.

I really do feel that both of these cases will be the much needed catalyst for bringing about change.
Two young, vibrant, brilliant teen girls disappear and are murdered; buried just a short distance from each other—coincidence? My heart says no.

Something must change. It’s my hope the parents’ of Amber Dubois and Chelsea King will make that happen.
Personally, I’d like to see the sex offenders on the registry that really don’t belong there, removed. I’m referring to someone that is treated the same way as a raping pedophile– for merely pinching another workers behind during a drunken office party. Let’s empty those out and put the violent, vicious predators behind bars for life– the FIRST time.

Why should they have the same rights that you and I do? How many more kidnappings, rapes and murders do we have to read about before standing up and declaring no more! Do you need to wait until it’s your child before you get involved in helping to bring about change?

Until we move away from criminal coddling and political correctness, we will continue seeing stories like “Amber Dubois: Body Of Missing Teen Found In Pala, California” every day. Every damn day!
I say enough. Get involved—the time is now!

You can read more about Amber and Chelsea, and learn how to get involved by visiting this forum. It’s one of many, but regularly updated.

Press conference video is below.

We offer our heartfelt sympathy and condolences to Amber Dubois’s family and friends.

Your thoughts?