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Melody Onyonyor is being held in Troup County jail, awaiting her first court appearance. The judge will decide then whether she is to have bond set or not.

Melody Onyonyor: Woman Charged With Female Genital Mutilation Of Infant Daughter ( Video )

For reasons not clear at this time, the 10 month old infant daughter of Melody Demetria Onyonyor was in the temporary custody of her natural father when one of his relative’s noticed that the baby appeared to have been circumcised. The infant was immediately taken to Children’s Healthcare in Atlanta, Georgia for examination.
Doctors concluded that the baby’s clitoris had been surgically removed.

Onyonyor was arrested after Department of Family and Children’s Services notified the Troup County Sheriff’s Office about the gruesome case.

Female circumcision is a procedure involving the total or partial removal of any external female genitalia. It’s generally performed without anesthesia in less civilized countries as part of a cultural or religious beliefs.

According to survivors of such female genital mutilation, it is extremely painful. I have no doubt they are correct!

So why would a mother do this to her child? Is it her culture?
My problem with that is while yes, people that come to our country legally have a right to embrace their beliefs, they do not have the right to mutilate their child in any way, shape or form. How could she not be aware that we do not condone such treatment in the USA?
We do not even know if it was religious, cultural or just plain meanness that lead Melody Onyonyor to allegedly play doctor with her child’s life, but we want to make sure it never happens again!

If not for the father of the infant, and his relatives stepping forward, who knows what else this little one would have had to endure?

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See video below for more on this grotesque story.