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alexis pilkington

Alexis Skye Pilkington was 17-years-old and a member of the West Islip High School soccer team in Wwest Islip, New York. She was a stand-out on her team and was well-liked by her peers. Alexis, known as Lexi Pilkington, also played lacrosse and participated in other extra-curricular activities at her school. She had graduated from high school early and was preparing to start school at Dowling College in the fall on a soccer scholarship.

She was found in her bedroom on Monday morning, March 22, 2010. She had apparently committed suicide. Her father said she had been undergoing counseling at the time of her death, but didn’t specify the reason for speculate as to why she might have killed herself.

Suffolk County Police are investigating the vicious Facebook messages that were posted before and after the teenager committed suicide. The messages ranged from being disrespectful to being cruel and hurtful. The family has asked her friends and classmates to ignore them and not give them fodder for continuing with their cyber-bullying on her memorial page. Her father says he doesn’t want to give the perpetrators an audience.

Thomas Pilkington, Alexis’ father says that he believes the people who posited the vile messages are probably a handful of ‘cowards’. He also says he believes in Karma and they will get what’s coming to them. Alexi’s mother, Paula Pilkington, pleaded for children not to go there. She said that her daughter is gone forever and now the family has to deal with the heartache of their lose.

A Pilkington family friend, Michael Stracuzza, has been sending prosecutors information on all the harassing posts that have been put on the Facebook memorial site. He says that neither he nor the Pilkington family think that the cyber-stalking led to Alexis Pilkington’s suicide. Even so, they all say the believe the people responsible for the postings should be prosecuted because of the pain the messages are causing the people who loved her.

Over 4,300 friends of Alexis are boycotting the social networking site. Her West Islip High School classmats are honoring her memory through activism, fund-raising and tribute tattoos.

While no one blames the cyber-bullying for the teen suicide, it has certainly added a level of pain and suffering for the family. The Alexis Pilkington Facebook nightmare has turned into a continuing nightmare for her family and friends. The anonymity of the internet makes it easy to be cruel as there are few, if any, consequences, socially or otherwise, for behaving just as badly as anyone wants to behave when no one knows who is doing it. Sadly, some people have used that anonymity to be very hurtful in this situation.

You can watch the memorial video of Alexis Skye Pilkington below which includes many more pictures of her.

Alexis Pilkington Memorial Video