Albert Gonzalez, known online as ‘SoupNazi’ and ‘segvec’, and credit card hacker gets 20 years for credit card theft. You can read about it and see a photo of him below.

albert gonzalez

Albert Gonzalez

You might remember Albert Gonzalez as the credit card hacker convicted of masterminding one of the largest, most notorious groups of hackers in the world’s history. He claimed to have Asperger’s syndrome, a high-functioning form of autism, and plead for a lighter sentence due to his ‘diminished capacity’.

Gonzalez appeared before a federal judge in Boston on Friday, March 26, 2010 and U.S. District Judge Patti Saris sentenced him to 20-years in prison after a plea agreement left him with a recommended sentence of between 15 and 20 years.

Gonzalez plead guilty to charges of connected to hacking into computers of several companies in order to the steal debit and credit card numbers. In addition, Gonzalez apologized to his family for his crimes.

“I’m guilty not only of exploiting computer networks, but personal relationships,” Gonzalez said in court before Saris handed down her sentence. “I plead for leniency so that I can one day prove to (my family) that I love them, just as they love me.”

Gonzalaz, 28-years-old, is known as ‘soupnazi’ and ‘segvec’ online. He is from the Miami area. He was taken into custody fro a hotel room in May 2008. He had been working as a Secret Service informant since he was arrested for hacking in 2003. He had amassed about $2.8 million from card hacking over the years.

After defense and prosecution recommendations of 15 to 25 years, Albert Gonzalez, ‘soupnazi’ and card hacker, gets 20 years in prison.