A Lee County, Alabama man is on trial for rape, but James Vines claims sex with a 90-year-old woman was consensual. His defense didn’t hold water with the jury. He was found guilty of rape. His mugshot photo is below.

anthony vines

Anthony James Vines stood trial in Lee County, Alabama for the rape of a 90-year-old woman. He testified on Tuesday, March 30, 2010, that he had had consensual sex with the woman in November 2008 and that it was not rape. However, the doctor who treated the victim testified that she had ‘quickly decided that if she was going to get through it, she was going to not resist.’

The woman is now 91-years-old, testified that Vines had dragged her back to her bedroom and raped her. Vines’ testimony was in direct conflict her hers. He testified that she had invited him to her Opelika home on November 9, 2008, asking him to do some work around the house. He said she opened the door and invited him inside. According to his testimony, she then went to her bedroom and called him to come to her. He claimed that she initiated sexual contact with him.

“I asked her how old she was, but she told me not to worry about that,” Vines testified. “She initiated the act, as far as having sex.”

James Vines said that most of what had been said in his trial was not true. Under questioning, he told his attorney, Harold Morris, that he had not raped the woman, had not burst through her door and did not take the battery from her phone as had been previously told to the court.

Chief Assistant District Attorney Robbie Treese asked Vines exactly how the 90-year-old woman had initiated sex with him. He didn’t have an answer to the question.

Vines testified that the woman fell as he was leaving her house and her front door latch was broken during her fall. The woman testified that Vines had broken the latch when he broke it down, busting into her house.

There was no question that the two had had sex. Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences expert Kristen Maturi testified that semen taken from the woman matched Vines. Dr. John McFarland of the East Alabama Medical Center told jurors that he treated the woman after the attack.

Vines was the only person to testify in his own defense.

This was James Vines’ second trial in this case. His first trial, in 2009, ended in a mistrial. Following this week’s trial, a jury found him guilty of rape. The jury deliberated for about 25-minutes and apparently didn’t believe James Vines claims that sex with the 90-Year-Old Woman was consensual. They returned a unanimous verdict of guilt.

Circuit Court Judge John V. Denson II ordered a sentencing hearing for June 3, 2010.