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Randy Tundidor Sr Mugshot

Tundidor and his son are also accused of setting Morrissey’s kitchen on fire in what appears to be an effort to cover up the crime. Read more details about Randy Tundidor, and the Florida professor’s murder, what Tundidor and his son are charged with, and leave your comments about the case below.

Not only is Tundidor Sr. and his son accused of breaking into the home, but they are also accused of taking Prof. Morrissey to an ATM, forcing him to withdraw money, and then taking him back to the home where he was eventually stabbed to death. Various news outlets are reporting that Tundidor was renting a townhome from Dr. Morrissey, and that it appeared that eviction proceedings had begun. Tundidor’s lawyer denies that there is a link, and has denied any involvement on the part of Mr. Tundidor in the murder.

It is also being reported that Tundidor was facing eviction for issues related to the security deposit for the townhome being rented from the murdered Florida Professor. Tundidor and his son are facing charges of murder, armed robbery, armed kidnapping, home invasion robbery and arson. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if prosecutors threw in a couple additional charges due to the fact that a five year old child was in the home during the murder as well.


So, Randy Tundidor, and his son, charged in a Florida professor’s murder, are facing a number of charges related to the murder. Tundidor and his son are, through their lawyers, denying involvement in the murder. This crime appears especially brutal in that the couple was forced at gunpoint to go to an ATM to withdraw cash, taken back home, tied up, and then Dr. Morrissey was stabbed to death. He was not shot, he was stabbed to death. That type of murder appears to be designed to send a specific message. Randy Tundidor, and his son Randy Jr. are facing identical charges related to the murder. So, what are your thoughts on the Florida professor’s murder, and do you think that the police caught the right individuals in this murder. Leave your comments below.