Aaron Ashley is a West Virginia pet store owner arrested for freezing animals to death. Read the story and see his photo below.

Aaron Ashley

Aaron Ashley, 27-years-old, is facing felony cruelty to animals charges in connection with a criminal complaint that he was putting animals in freezers alive and freezing them to death as well as starving animals to death. Ashley owns Pets Plus, a pet store, in Fairmont, West Virginia.

Police obtained a search warrant for the premises of Pet Plus when they received information that dead animals were being kept in freezers on the property.

On February 9, 2010 Fairmont police raided Ashley’s pet store and discovered animals in a freezer there that had been placed there alive and left to freeze to death. The search warrant sought an inventory of dead animals found. During the raid police found six kittens, one dog, five mice, one reptile and 10 rats frozen to death. Ashley is alleged to have chosen to freeze the animals to death rather than pay for medical treatment that they needed.

Also, according to one of his employees, Ashley sold dogs knowing that the dogs were infected with the Parvo virus.

Aaron Ashley, the West Virginia pet store owner arrested for freezing animals to death. He was arrested at Shermantic Computer Service, another business he owns that is across the street from Pets Plus. He was booked last week on charges of animal cruelty. He’s currently free on $1,000 bond. Pets Plus has since been closed down.