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Burger king whopper

Read more about Deputy Edward Bylsma’s lawsuit against Burger King, and see a video related to the incident below.

You can read news reports about the story here, here, and here. After Deputy Bylsma went through the drive through he noticed that the employees who gave him the burger were acting suspicious and after he inspected the Whopper he discovered the spit on the Whopper. The lawsuit names Burger King, and the franchise operators as defendants in the case.

It is sad that anyone would have to deal with this type of behavior, but the fact that it happened to a police officer who was simply picking up food while on duty makes this much worse. The 22 year old employee who spit on the Whopper was eventually terminated. There are no reports on the employee’s sentence for the assault charge and conviction. Hopefully it has nothing to do with food handling.

So, what do you think after reading about why Deputy Edward Bylsma sues Burger King? I think if employees spit on my Whopper I’d be ready to file a lawsuit as well. Deputy Bylsma is a better man than I am, because I’m afraid that if this happened to me there would be a story here on Right Juris about how I used a Taser on a Burger King employee who thought it was funny to spit on a Whopper. So, you know how I feel about this, but what do you all think? What type of punishment would be appropriate for this guy, and how much would you award Deputy Bylsma after he found spit on his Whopper? I know I’d award him quite a bit, but that’s just me.