Genesee County, Michigan
Brandon Joshua-Frederick Hayes, 24, of the Flint area of Michigan, has been charged with pre-meditated murder in the death of tiny Dominick Calhoun, age 4. He also faces seven other charges, including torture.

Be warned the video gives a graphic description of what happened to Dominick Calhoun.
The case has sparked a new debate on whether Michigan should have the death penalty.

Brandon Joshua-Frederick Hayes: Boy Tortured To Death For Wetting Pants (Video)

Dominick Calhoun was buried today, April 16th, 2010, after being beaten and tortured to death over a several day period; allegedly by Brandon Joshua-Frederick Hayes. Hayes is the boyfriend of the female that gave birth to Dominick.

The alleged torture began on April 8th, 2010, after the little boy wet his pants while sitting on the sofa. Reports indicate that Brandon Hayes became enraged and started savagely beating and kicking the child. It’s also alleged he beat the person (Corinne Baker) that gave birth to Dominick and demanded to know who was going to pay for the couch.

Sheriff Robert Pickell said
“He (Brandon Hayes) was trying to give a sense of discipline to little Dominick.”

The next day, Hayes allegedly began kicking the boy in his head and genitals. The following day, reports say Hayes dragged the unconscious child from his bed, by the arm—and continued to beat and kick him throughout the day.
The child’s knuckles were reported to be ‘charred’.
Brandon Hayes also allegedly called this baby a crackhead and said he deserved to die.
It’s believed he also held a grudge against Eric Calhoun, 28, Dominick’s father–for not paying child support.

At some point during the weekend, Corrine Baker’s sixteen (16) year old sister stopped by the Haye’s residence to buy drugs ( by her own admission ) and noticed the boy had been beaten, along with her sister Corrine. She called Dominick Calhoun’s paternal grandfather, who in turn notified police that his “grandson was dying.”
It was too late to save Dominick—he was pronounced brain dead at Flint’s Hurley Hospital.

The charges against Brandon Joshua-Frederick Hayes are:

Count 1: Torture

Count 2: Felony murder by torture

Count 3: First-degree child abuse

Count 4. Felony murder by child abuse

Count 5: First-degree premeditated murder

Count 6. Assault with intent to do great bodily harm

Count 7. Delivery of marijuana to a minor

Count 8. Possession of marijuana with intent to deliver

Count 9. Possession of hydrocodone

Police have not decided yet whether or not to charge Corrine Baker with anything regarding the torture and murder of the precious child she gave birth to.

Corrine Baker maintains she covered Dominick’s body with hers at one point, and Hayes beat her, too. She said she wasn’t allowed to leave the apartment to get help.
Really? For 3 days? Hayes didn’t sleep, or bathe or use the toilet himself?

I strongly believe that any parent that puts their libido and / or drug use above the welfare of their child, and something happens to that child, they need to be prosecuted.
It seems we no longer go a day without hearing about some parental boyfriend / girlfriend, abusing a child to death.

This savage, barbaric act against this sweet little boy deserves the death penalty, in my opinion. It’s too bad Michigan doesn’t have one. However, after learning the details of Dominick Calhoun’s death allegedly at the hands of Brandon Hayes, 52% of people polled are now in favor of allowing the death penalty for the state.
That won’t help little Dominick, but it might prevent another sadistic murder.

What kind of heartless creature tortures a helpless child to death for wetting their pants? Will there be justice for Dominick Calhoun?

I don’t know what the solution is to child abuse, but folks, we better find one soon. Children are our future, and at the rate these murders are occurring we will be running out of kids long before we run out of criminals.

Maybe we should start by convincing single parents that bringing a partner into the family is more often than not, quite dangerous lately.

I’m fed up with selfish parents that put their wants and needs ahead of their children. If you can’t or won’t raise your child, allow your heart to swell to the size of a pea and let them be adopted into a home where they can be loved and protected. It’s the right thing to do.

If you have any thoughts on the vile and disgusting story ‘Brandon Joshua-Frederick Hayes: Boy Tortured To Death For Wetting Pants, ‘ feel free to leave them.

My heartfelt sympathy to Dominick’s father and grandparent’s.

The video below has graphic details—please keep that in mind before clicking on it.

Update 4/23/2010 here