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tonya craft

Tonya Craft Mugshot

Tonya Henke Craft is a 37-year-old former kindergarten teacher who is facing charges of child molestation in a Ringgold, Georgia courtroom. She was arrested in June 2008 and is charged with 22 counts including 10 counts of child molestation, six counts of aggravated sexual battery and six counts of aggravated child molestation. Craft maintains she is innocent of all the charges against her. The sensational trial proceedings are currently in their 14th day.

The Craft teacher molestation trial was featured on NBC’s ‘Today’ show this morning. A taped interview with Tonya Craft was presented in which she denied any guilt in the accusations against her. In the interview she warned that if this could happen to her, it could happen to any one at any time. She maintained that having these kinds of accusations leveled against you is all it takes to destroy your life. ‘You’re stripped of your rights and your home,’ she said.

‘Today’ show host Matt Lauer discussed the case with legal analyst Dan Abrams regarding the strategies of the prosecution and the defense. Abrams predicted that Craft may have to take the stand in her own defense unless things go very badly for the prosecution. He also discussed the difficulties intrinsic in a case like this. Both sides have to be careful not to imply that the child making the accusations has done anything wrong. On the other hand, no one wants someone’s life to be ruin through misguided accusations.

There has been a steady stream of riveting testimony from character witnesses, the parents of her accusers, neighbors, friends and even her ex-husband Joel Henke.

Many are calling the trial a ‘witch hunt’. This notion comes from the fact that a former friend of Crafts was the original accuser. Other friends have testified that the original accuser was intensely jealous of Craft and had been prone to bitter outbursts about her prior to making the accusations.

As the teacher molestation trial continues, the case has been dissected daily by local media and over water-coolers in offices throughout the area. The community has sharply divided between those who feel Craft has been falsely accused and those who are convinced of her guilt. Her guilt or innocence will ultimately be in the hands of the jury hearing the case.

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Tonya Craft: Teacher Molestation Trial Continues – Video