You can’t make this stuff up. We are all aware of the new x-ray screening being used in many airports across the country. These new devices are rather . . . revealing in that the screeners can basically see all that you have. It appears that a couple of Miami-Dade airport TSA employees were going through training using these new devices and some bad blood developed.

During the training Rolando Negrin was a little bit lacking in the manhood department and his fellow TSA employees began to make fun of him. Apparently Nergrin had enough of the constant “small p*nis” teasing and just snapped. So Negrin confronted fellow employee one night with a night stick and beat the crap out of Hugo Osorno. According to the arrest affidavit a witness heard Negrin tell Osorno “Get on your knees or I will kill you and you better apologize.” Dude seriously flipped out.

So, these are the people who are “securing” our borders and making travel safe across the country. I’m thinking the TSA needs to start following up on references. If Osama bin-Laden applied for a job would he get an interview? As a frequent traveller I really do get sick of these power-hungary piss ants who yell at people for the offense of not having their shampoo in a quart sized baggie. I’m not saying that every TSA employee is like this Negrin guy, but in my experience most of them are no better then mall rent-a-cops.