Linda Carty is a British woman who faces execution in Texas for the Joana Rodriguez murder. She was convicted of kidnapping Rodriguez and her baby and murdering Rodriguez because she wanted to pass the baby off as her own in an attempt to save her deteriorating relationship with her boyfriend. She was sentenced to death in 2002 for the kidnapping and murder. She is on death row in Texas. Read more below and see her mugshot photo and a video.

linda carty

Linda Carty Mugshot

Carty, 51-years-old, is a British citizen from St. Kitts in the British Virgin Islands. She has lived in the United States since the early 1980s and worked as a school teacher and a drug informant for the Drug Enforcement Administration. She is a mother and grandmother and has garnered the sympathy of human rights groups and many in Britain. She has appealed her conviction on the grounds that her trial lawyers were deficient. Many people in Britain took up her cause after some of her supporters put her image up in Trafalgar Square in September 2009 with a plea for help in saving her life.

However, Texas is unmoved by her appeals. On September 19, 2009, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals rejected her final appeal and she her execution will proceed unless the U.S. Supreme Court agrees to hear her appeal. On May 3, 2010, The Supreme Court refused to hear her appeal. At this point, her only avenue for reprieve is from the Governor of Texas who is unlikely to step in on her behalf. Aside from that unlikely possibility all her avenues for appeal have been exhausted.

Carty was convicted in Harris County, Texas. She is alleged hired three men to invaded the home of Joana Rodriguez, 25-years-old, on May 16, 2001. Her three co-defendants were: Gerald Anderson, Chris Robinson and Carlos Williams. Rodriguez and her 3-day-old baby were kidnapped and Rodriguez’ husband and another person in the home were beaten, duct-taped and left in the residence. The defendants were accused of hog-tying Rodriguez with duct-tape, taping a bag over her head and putting her in the trunk of a car. She died from suffocation. The baby, who became known as ‘Baby Ray’ survived and was later found abandoned in the car.

The prosecution presented evidence in the trial that Linda Carty’s motivation was to pretend that the newborn baby was her own so that she could rebuild her relationship with her boyfriend.

Murder charges were dropped against Anderson, Robinson and Williams in exchange for their testimony against Carty. The three men were given prison sentences for their participation in the crime, but none of them received the death penalty. She now claims that she was framed by them as revenge because of the work she did with the Drug Enforcement Administration.

With all avenues of appeal exhausted, it is likely that Linda Carty, the British woman facing execution in Texas for the Joana Rodriguez murder, die by lethal injection. She is currently being held at the Mountain View prison in Gatesville, Texas, known as women’s death row. An execution date has not yet been set although it is expected to be in 2010.

You can watch a video of Linda Carty below.

Linda Carty: British Woman Faces Execution in Texas
for Joana Rodriguez Murder – Video