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Stephanie Christine SloopNathaniel Warren Sloop

Read more about the details of the murder of Ethan Stacy, the allegations of abuse against his mother and step-father, and see a video about the story below.

Nathan Sloop has been charged with aggravated homicide (which brings the possibility of the death penalty being sought), felony child abuse, obstruction of justice, desecration of a corpse, and damaging his holding cell. Stephanie Sloop has been charged with felony child abuse, obstruction of justice and desecration of a corpse. Formal charges will be filed Friday, and the Sloops will make their initial appearance in Court at that time.

Nathan and Stephanie Sloop were married six days ago a the Davis County Courthouse, the same Courthouse where they will be facing murder charges for killing Ethan Stacy. While the couple was getting married little Ethan was locked in his bedroom suffering from head injuries that were inflicted at the hands of his step-father Nathan. It is alleged that Nathan began beating Ethan almost immediately after arriving in Utah, but his mother refused to seek medical attention because she was afraid she would be arrested for abuse.

The night of May 10th Stephanie Sloop reported to policethat her son was missing from his bed and that he had frequently wandered away from the apartment, but had always returned. Police began searching the area, and after interviewing the parents the next day the search lead to Ogden Canyon near Powder Mountain Ski Resort. It is in that area that police found the buried, desecrated body of Ethan Stacy.

So, Ethan Stacy, murdered at only age four, was the tragic end to the search for this missing child. The Nathan Sloop and Stephanie Sloop murder charge could lead to the death penalty for Nathan Sloop and life behind bars for Stephanie Sloop. I would be pleased with both results. It disturbs me to no end to read stories about the murder of such small and innocent victims. Ethan Stacy did nothing to deserve his fate. I’m sure that there will be those who criticize the judge for ordering visitation with Stephanie Sloop, but honestly there is no way that the judge could have known of this result, and would not have ordered the visit if such a result were even likely. Feel free to leave your comments below.