Meet Anthony Hopkins, the preacher (not the actor) who was convicted of murdering Arletha Hopkins, his betrothed wife. The preacher wife murder case has upset the community of Mobile Alabama for five years from when the crime was committed in 2004.

preacher wife murder anthony hopkins

This circumstances of the Hopkins case are particularly heinous. Prosecutors of the case contend that Hopkins was abusing his stepdaughter. When Arletha Hopkins found out that her daughter was victimized by her husband, the lawyers argued in court, he killed her on the spot. He then stuffed her body in a freezer with the help of his abused children, where the preacher’s wife was finally discovered four years later in 2009.

According to court papers, Anthony Hopkins is a self-anointed prophet who travels the area preaching morality to all comers. We do not know if his words ever inspired another human being, but we know that his actions ruined the lives of others. They lived in the house with eight children while mom occupied the freezer.

When it came to his own life, Hopkins was one of the more despicable people who has ever inhabited the earth. He was convicted of murder, rape, incest, sexual abuse, and sodomy. How’s that for a resume?

The judge in the case imposed the maximum sentence allowed under Alabama law which amounted to life in prison plus some. He is eligible for parole unfortunately, but we expect that Mr. Hopkins will spend the rest of his life in prison for his crimes and suffer the usual consequences of prison inmates who molest our children.

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