44 Responses to “Preacher Wife Murder: Arletha Hopkins vs Anthony Hopkins”

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    jim Says:

    Trash like this does not deserve to live any longer. Hope he is taken care of in prison.

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    Lorrie Davis Says:

    This man should be hung!!!!!!!!!!!!! not only did he cause a death of another human being but the things that he has done to the children is inexcusable! Life in prison is to good for this man.

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    Helene Says:

    So this means we have to support the piece of garbage through the rest of his natural life. I agree, let one of his fellow convicts do him in! To think he was preaching the Gospel. What an abomination!! May he rot in hell.

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    Cole Says:

    Check the spelling of “Hopkins” in the 5th paragraph and the use of “content” for

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    bda Says:

    the people of alabama,arent you so glad you did away with the death penalty???????? you deserve every one of these child molester,murders,just remember your god will punish him until then the lawyers get richer,and you ll support him the rest of his life,you might even have to pay for a sex change him,you should at least you could rent him out by the hour while hes in prison……..suckers enjoy

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    Charles W. Little Says:

    I did not hear or read about the evidence anywhere, so I can not pass judgment. I will allow Jehovah Elohim do that in the person of Jesus Christ that on the Great White Throne Judgement day. But if I had heard the evidence and it had been enough to convict him, he would not have been sentenced to life without parole, he would have been sentenced to death (the same sentence he will receive on that Great Judgment Day.

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    Dennis M. Says:

    To say that incest is not forbidden in the Bible is untrue. Do not beleive everything your hear. see

    Leviticus 18:6 – 18
    Leviticus 20: 11
    Deut 22:30
    Ezekiel 22:11
    I corinthians 5:1

    Whoever edited the end the end of the video clip
    is not knowledgeable about the Bible.

  9. 9
    Tracy Says:

    rest in peace arletha

  10. 10
    CELINE Says:

    If he killed his wife in 2004, what excuses was he giving for her diaappearance? And, how was he keeping the children from telling on him or keeping the secret? How many of the kids were his and how many were step-children, not that it matters, considering what he did. This man was not evil, but, the devil himself.

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