When you think of pirates you don’t think about Texas, but there have been reports of Falcon Lake, Texas pirate attacks recently. Falcon Lake borders the U.S.-Mexico Border, and several boaters have been robbed at gunpoint on the lake on the Mexican side of the lake. There are fears that the attacks are going to spread into the U.S. side of the lake, especially given the fact that the border is not clear. Falcon Lake is known as a world class bass fishing destination, and several major fishing tournaments have been scheduled on the lake.

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Texas officials have issued warnings for boaters and anglers to stay on the U.S. side of the lake after three recent attacks by pirates on the lake. There are also reports that the pirates have come across the border onto the U.S. side of the lake, only to be chased by border patrol. The agents chased the boat to the border and once the pirates crossed the border the chase ended.

Business owners, and residents, are still hoping people come to the lake because it is a major economic draw to the area. The local Sheriff is simply telling people that they cannot be kept safe on the Mexican side of the lake. The pirates board the boats and demand money or drugs. To date no one has been seriously injured by the pirates, but it seems to only be a matter of time before something tragic occurs.

The Falcon Lake, Texas pirate attacks seem to be spillover from the border violence that has plagued the entire southwest border in recent months. It appears that the drug cartels battles with law enforcement, and law abiding citizens, has reached a new level. I would love to hear your opinion on this latter. Feel free to leave your comments, and suggestions on how to address this problem, on this story below.