William Atwood is facing felony charges for doing something that I’m guessing most fathers of teenage daughters think is completely justified. So what did William Atwood do? He tased a man for sexting his teenage daughter. Atwood discovered that a 23 year-old man, Justin Moore, had been sending sexually explicit pictures through text messages to his daughter, so he lured the man to his home, made him strip down to his boxer-shorts, and tased him before turning him over to Sheriff’s deputies. As with most stories, the headline doesn’t tell the whole story, and it sounds like Atwood went a little too far in trying to show how upset he was about the pictures.

M26 Taser

Get the full story as to why William Atwood Tases Man for sexting teenage daughter, and leave your comments and let everyone know if he was justified in doing what he did, or if he should be the one punished.

According to reports Atwood lured Justin Moore to his home under the guise of talking to Moore about the photos. Atwood then greeted Moore at the door with a shotgun. Moore was then tied up, tased, and held against his will for an hour.

Atwood is being charged with making criminal threats, false imprisonment, assault with a stun gun, assault with a deadly weapon and other gun charges. Atwood forced Moore to strip to his boxers, tied him up, and threated him with a shotgun, and a handgun. Atwood also shocked Moore for approximately 20 seconds in the shoulder, according to Court records. Atwood told Moore that he had connections to the Pechanga Indian tribe and that he would have him buried on the reservation. Police stated that when they made contact with Moore he was “extremely frightened”. No kidding?

Moore’s side of the story is that he sent the picture of his genitals to a number of his friends and that it inadvertently was sent to Atwood’s 17 year old daughter. Atwood had called police and reported that Moore had sent pornography to a child, but after reviewing the evidence the District Attorney declined to press charges against Moore for lack of evidence.

So, what do you think? Did Atwood go to far, or was it reasonable that William Atwood tases man for sexting his teenage daughter? Personally, I don’t blame the man, but he definitely took it too far. That’s what I think, but I want to hear from you.