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Police were made aware of the horrific situation during a campaign against pedophilia. Police officer Adriana Meireles said “Everyone in the community suspected it because the daughter would be pregnant but always lived with her father. But the people there are simple and never said anything.”

Police officers kept the shack where Jose Pereira and his ‘family’ lived under surveillance for ten days before arresting him.
Pereira has allegedly confessed to his crimes but denies abusing his ‘grandchildren.’

One of the two girls said she had been abused by her father and another, aged 5, was found to have lesions on her vagina that suggested she had also been abused.

There are no birth records, but officials believe the three boys and four girls are between the ages of 2 months old and twelve years old.

When police arrived on scene they found the children malnourished, seemingly traumatized, dirty and without clothes— as well as having injuries on their bodies.

Jair Lima de Paiva descibed the situation this way:

“None of them were allowed to leave the house. None can read, they can barely communicate with other people.
They were all threatened with their lives if they tried to escape or tell anyone about the situation.”

Pereira’s grandchildren and daughter are now under the Brazilian government’s care
Charges against Jose Pereira have yet to be filed since Brazilian prosecutors can’t file charges until after the investigation has ended.

I can’t help but wonder how disgustingly prevalent this kind of perverted behavior is. This sickening story highlights just how pervasive pedophilia is, and leaves me wondering if pedophilia and incest can ever be eradicated. I fear not—unless perhaps we make the penalties for such twisted behavior so harsh that a would be perpetrator would think twice before acting. Alas, even then I’d be doubtful.
Personally, I think the death penalty should be enacted for any pedophile. It will never happen though.

Our society has become too liberal—people want to believe that everyone can be fixed, redeemed, saved. Let’s give the vilest among us another chance!!! Then we end up hearing about another man keeping his daughter as a sex slave and forcing her to bear his children and wonder why.
The whole situation leaves me, and many others absolutely heartsick. Will we ever put children first?

Please leave your thoughts on ‘Jose Agostinho Pereira: Brazilian Man Imprisoned Daughter, Fathered Seven Children With Her’ in the comment section below. If you have any solutions to end the pedophilia epidemic and child abuse, leave those, too!

It seems to never end—this evil known as pedophilia.