Nassau, Bahamas

Reports are coming in that Colton Harris-Moore, 19, also known as the barefoot bandit, was captured this Sunday morning, July 11, 2010 on the northern island of Eleuthera.

Harris-Moore is expected to be flown within hours from Eleuthera to Nassau.

Colton Harris-Moore: Barefoot Bandit Captured In Bahamas (Video)

Bahamian police say they have captured the U.S. teen fugitive known as the “Barefoot Bandit.” Island police have been searching for the elusive Colton Harris-Moore since his alleged crash landing of a stolen plane in the shallow waters of Great Abaco Island a week ago. At 6’5″ and white, he would be hard to not notice.

An official spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak publicly about the case.

Harris-Moore escaped from a Washington state halfway house in 2008. His criminal history began at the age of 12, and his mother has a litany of excuses for his behavior.

He has become a legend, a folk hero to many, and there’s even a fan page for him on Facebook. For some reason, many don’t want to see the Barefoot Bandit arrested and brought to justice for his alleged crimes. ( They include stealing and crashing planes, boats, breaking and entering, robbery etc, etc., etc. ).

His own mother, Pamela Kohler, has now hired an entertainment lawyer regarding a book deal about her sons life.

In the video below, you can hear how Mrs. Kohler accepts no responsibility for her sons alleged criminal ways.

Harris Moore’s alleged crimes have been non-violent to date, but that doesn’t make him any less a criminal. I am unable to comprehend why he has a fan base cheering him on—no one wants their personal items stolen, even if it’s a pencil.

How would these fans feel if he stole their plane, or yacht, or anything else for that matter?

Why the fascination with his ability to escape? It doesn’t make him smarter, it simply implies he does not want to take responsibility for his actions. He has yet learned how to pull up his big boy britches and act like a man.

Frankly, I’m glad he has been caught. Maybe now the world can go about it’s business without being preoccupied with this miscreant, and his unwillingness to play by the rules that the rest of us have to follow.

Of course the story will remain in the news as long as there’s a profit to be made by the media and his mother.

Personally, I find it disgraceful.

This story is still developing so check back for updates.

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What do you really think of Colton Harris-Moore, AKA the “Barefoot Bandit”? Hero or villain? Will there now be ‘free Colton’ rallies and T-shirts? Will he escape justice again?