Devon Denman was kidnapped in Missouri, but the story has a happy ending. The missing boy, found in New Mexico, will be reunited with his father after being kidnapped by his mother and the a registered sex-offender. Police discovered the boy after a high-speed chase and a gun-battle with New Mexico police. The boy was recovered, unharmed, but the people accused of taking the boy remain at large. The boy was taken from Lake Ozark, Missouri and was recovered in Gallup, New Mexico, which was over 1000 miles away.

Cochran Denman Mugshots

Read more about the recovery of Devon Denman, the missing boy found in New Mexico, and see a video of Devon’s grandfather discussing the recovery of Devon Denman.

According to reports Devon was found after police pulled over the vehicle he was in after observing a broken tail-light. The car pulled over, but then drove off and fired shots at police. After a high-speed chase, which at times exceeded 100 mph at times, the suspects ran over stop-strips and then fled on foot after firing more shots at police.

Devon’s grandfather, Larry Denman, stated the following:

“I’m on top of the world right now,” said Larry Denman. “This is the kind of thing that you see on the news and you hear about it happening to other people and then when it happens to you, you think to youself how do you live like this. What do you do? My greatest fear was that they would basically disappear.”

So, Devon Denman, the missing boy found in New Mexico, will be reunited with his father, but his kidnappers, his mother and a registered sex-offender, are still on the run. Hopefully they will be caught soon and brought to justice. The best part of this story is that Devon Denman was recovered unharmed and will be reunited with his father and brother, and will be returned to Missouri. So, what do you think that should happen to these suspects after they are captured? Feel free to share your thoughts below.