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After a long drawn-out battle over custody of the eight Gosselin children, Jon and Kate have finally agreed on a custody settlement. Jon and Kate have had a very public and nasty divorce. Well, their entire lives have been very public due to their reality show Jon & Kate Plus 8 which is now Kate Plus 8.

Jon Gosselin is reported to have filed for full custody of the couple’s twins and sextuplets in a Pennsylvania court in April 2010. In his court filing, he claimed that Kate is an absentee mom, citing her non-stop media events. At that time it was her gig on ABC’s ‘Dancing with the Stars’. Now she is in Alaska camping with Sarah Palin and Palin’s family, learning how to avoid bears. But the kids are with her in Alaska.

After that court filing, Jon fired his legal team and released a statement saying, ‘Kate, her attorney and I are moving forward to work things out amicably.’

So what’s the Gosselin custody settlement outcome? Its a closely guarded secret apparently, sealed in a Pennsylvania court. Sources say the settlement involved custody and a financial agreement.

We know that Jon was asking to renegotiate his $20,000 per month child support obligations. We also know that Kate has signed on to do a new reality show with TLC called ‘Twist of Kate’. What? No eight?

Not to worry, even though the Gosselin custody settlement is strictly confidential, we know these two will let us all know what the outcome was. After all, without this controversy they might slip off the tabloids front pages.

Kate and the kids will return to reality TV this summer with a new TLC series titled ‘Twist of Kate.’ Looks like Kate Gosselin will continue to be the primary breadwinner in the family, especially since Jon requested a renegotiation of his $20,000 monthly child support payments some time ago.

With a custody settlement reached—though the details will remain carefully guarded from the public—it seems there’s some hope for the Gosselin brood after all. Whichever parent ends up with primary custody, working together with the other one will be a huge help for the kids’ adjustment and general well being. Being scrutinized all the time and having their family issues plastered across supermarket tabloids must be immeasurably difficult for the “8” young children that made Jon and Kate Gosselin reality stars in the first place. A new resolve to work together to foster a loving environment is a huge step in the right direction for this troubled family.

Below you can watch a video of Kate Gosselin discussing her former husband Jon Gosselin and custody of their children.

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