A kindergarten brawl between some unruly parents has ended in two arrests and left a community up in arms. As a testament to the power of the internet, the fight allegedly began because of a comment posted on Facebook! Get the full story, with pictures and video below!


Queiona Burt, 31, and Marina Ruth Vargas, 29, apparently met in a parking lot outside of a graduation ceremony at the school. Burt, an adamant L.A. Lakers fan, raised issue with Vargas, who had just left a comment on Burt’s grandmother’s page criticizing Kobe’s team.

The argument jumped from verbal to physical quickly. A few men jumped in to stop the fighting, but got sucked in to the fighting themselves. When all was said and done, 20 people had been involved in the Kindergarten brawl! The school had to be locked down and the police were called to scatter the crowd.

“This all started because of a Facebook comment between this other woman and my grandmother about the Lakers,” said Queiona Burt, 31. “But I want to apologize to the school and the community and say this is not what I’m about. I was trying to defend myself.”

Get a grip parents! I can just see the crowd of parents sitting at the ceremony following this with torn shirts and black eyes. Great example for the kids!

Burt and Vargas were placed under arrest following the incident and charged with interference with peaceful conduct on campus and unlawful acts committed at school grounds, according to court records. Each could face up to 9 months in jail and a $400 fine for the charges.

What do you think of the Kindergarten Brawl? Should these irresponsible women do time for their actions? Or just get banned from Facebook? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section! And don’t miss the pictures and video below!