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Gary L. Korkuc, 51, of Cheektowaga, N.Y., was pulled over by Ferry-Fillmore District officers Monday night, August 9, 2010 for driving through a stop sign.

After approaching the car, they heard a cat crying—in the trunk. Officers opened the trunk and found a cat marinating.

Navarro the cat was about to lose all 9 lives at once.

Gary Korkuc Marinates Cat In Trunk, Planned To Cook And Eat Him (Video)

Gary Korkuc was arrested by Officers John Poisson and Jerry Guilian and charged with one count of cruelty to animals. He is also charged with failing to signal and passing a stop sign.

After hearing crying sounds from the trunk of Korkuc’s car and opening it, the Officers discovered a beautiful black and white cat being marinated.

The cat, named Navarro, was in a cage—-covered in oil, chili pepper, crushed red peppers and salt.

When questioned by Officers, Gary Korkuc said he planned on making a meal of the cat that he adopted from a shelter last May—because the cat was “mean, greedy and wasteful.”

He also claimed that the 4 year old, 12 pound cat had become pregnant, which has to be a miracle since Navarro is a neutered male.

Police took Navarro to the SPCA on Ensminger Road in the town of Tonawanda, the same place Korkuc had adopted him from just a couple of months ago. He was given several baths to clean the burning spices off of him and will be put up for adoption again. Apparently, there’s a lot of folks out there that want to give him a decent and loving home.

The SPCA said that Korkuc but showed no signs of being an abusive pet owner when he applied to adopt the cat.

An SPCA memo states:

“Do not under any circumstances adopt to this man ever again. He claims he did not want the cat because it was ‘possessive, greedy and wasteful.’ That the cat got pregnant after ‘spaying,’ even though it was a neutered male. This man is a danger to animals. . . . was soaking cat in marinade to ‘cook.’ ”

In my not so humble opinion, Gary Korkuc takes ‘crazy’ to a whole new level. What a sadistic and heartless man!

I can’t understand why anyone would want to marinate and eat a cat! I really don’t understand why that particular SPCA doesn’t have more stringent adoption rules, either.

Whenever I adopt an animal I have to go through so many assorted background checks that I feel like like I’ve won a lottery by the time I’m allowed to take the pet home!

I have no idea what kind of sentence a potential cat murderer will get but I wish I were the judge! I wouldn’t let him near a fly.

I also don’t buy the mentally ill talk I’ve been reading about Korcuc. I think his actions of marinating the cat with a plan to make dinner out of him shows a premeditated attempt at animal cruelty. It’s just evil!

What do you think? Please leave your thoughts on ‘Gary Korkuc Marinates Cat In Trunk, Planned To Cook And Eat Him’ in the comment section after the video.

If guilty, what should Gary Korkuc’s sentence be? Do you think a mentally ill defense would work? Is Korkuc just a twisted, sadistic animal hater? Has he done this before, and how do we find out?