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But of course, its much more complicated than just him being stingy.

The bitter civil suit is giving the public a glimpse into Bren’s fortune. He is known as a major political donor and generous philanthropist. However, two of his children claim he’s not been generous with them.

His two children who are suing him are from a former lover, Jennifer McKay Gold, are Christie, 22-years-old, and David, 18-years-old. He has seven children in all. Christie and David claim that their father owes them $400,000 per month each.

Apparently, when Gold and Bren broke up, they had a private out-of-court agreement for $10,000 per month child support for each of their two children. Gold claims that Bren broke the agreement in 2002 and she filed a suit against him in 2003. She claims that he broke off his relationship with her two children in 1997 after she told him that she didn’t want to be in a relationship with him. She claims he has even refused to speak to them when he’s seen them in public.

Gold and her children claim that the $400k amount is reasonable since because had Bren being paying formal child support from 1988 to 2002 it would have amounted to a much larger sum of money. In addition, she says Bren spends $3 million to $5 million per month so an additional $1 million is not unreasonable.

Jon Freund, Bren’s personal attorney, says that Bren has paid millions of dollars. He says that after 15-years, Gold is now coming forward with an alleged oral promise that no one else knew about. Freund, who is not representing Bren in this civil case, says she is just trying to get more money from him.

Donald L. Bren, 78-years-old, is estimated to have a personal wealth of $12 billion. He is 16th on Forbes list of 400 richest Americans for 2009.

In the Donald L. Bren child support trial this week, do you think his two adult children wanting $400k A Month is excessive or a reasonable amount to expect from their billionaire father?