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A domestic dispute between two brothers brought police to the home of James and Anne Cardona on Monday, August 16, 2010. Authorities were not prepared for what they found.

The Cardona’s, along with their two young daughters, were living in filth and squalor. The stench reached all the way to the street.

Both girls were morbidly obese and in bad health. James and Anne Cardona were arrested and face ‘felony second-degree child cruelty charges along with misdemeanor charges of contributing to the deprivation of a minor’.

James And Anne Cardona: Morbidly Obese Children Removed From Filthy Home (Video)

James Cardona, 31, and Anne Cardona,35, are the parent’s of a five year old girl weighing 159 pounds and a four year old daughter weighing 89 pounds. Both children are classified as morbidly obese and have a variety of health issues.

Officers found the inside of the home filthy, covered in roaches, ‘gigantic’ spiders, cobwebs and fleas. The home is also covered in black mold.

The five year old cannot stand or sit without help, and can only walk about 10 feet before wheezing and losing her breath. The four year old was found on a bare mattress, in a urine soaked diaper—clinging to her bottle. Both girls have communication problems.

According to arrest warrants, the 5-year-old had “head lice large enough to see while standing above the child,” her teeth were “rotting out,” her gums were swollen and she was covered in spider and flea bites.

“She is extremely obese and cannot walk 10 feet without becoming out of breath and wheezing,” according to the warrants. “She cannot sit down without assistance, or stand up.”

The 4-year-old “was found lying on a stained mattress with no bedding, wearing only a urine-soaked diaper,” the warrants state. “The bottom of her feet were black from dirt, and she is also covered in insect bites … Neither child is enrolled in school.”

The children are now in state protective custody and Anne and James Cardona were released on bond. Ms. Cardona was re-arrested Thursday night after it was learned she had mislead the court earlier this week.

Seems Anne Cardona told the court she had to care for her ailing, bedridden mother in the home. Police had already removed her mother, covered in serious bed sores and taken her to a hospital, where she remains.

Cobb County Animal Control is also involved in this tragic case of abuse. While saying there were no signs of animal abuse, they did remove five dogs, two cats, nine birds and two turtles from the disgusting home. All 18 creatures were living inside the house.

I cannot, for the life of me, understand parent’s allowing their children to become morbidly obese. The health problems alone are inviting tragic consequences. Where were the neighbors, other family, friends?

As for letting them live with lice, bug bites, mold and other atrocities, there is no excuse. None. I don’t give a flying fig how small a home might be, or what problems it might have, it simply doesn’t take that much energy or time to pick things up, do the dishes and take a broom to the floor. Even people with chronic health issues manage to not live in squalor. It’s pure laziness, allegedly brought on by depression. I repeat, there is no excuse, no reason, for anyone to live this way or allow their children to be raised in filth.

If you can’t be bothered with taking proper care of your children, at least love them enough to let them go. There’s so many people out there longing for a family to love and care for—give your children a chance!

If you choose to live with fleas and roaches and filth, so be it, but it’s pretty damn selfish to force your disgusting and degrading lifestyle on innocent children that have no voice in how they are treated.

I have no idea what the penalty is for something like this, but if James and Anne Cardona are found guilty of child abuse / neglect, I think they need far more than a slap on the wrist and parenting classes.

What do you think? Feel free to leave your thoughts on ‘ James And Anne Cardona: Morbidly Obese Children Removed From Filthy Home’ in the comment section after the video.