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There have also been a few unsightly lash-ups with up-in-your-face photographers. Maybe Michael Richards has just had enough or maybe he just has a bad attitude in general. Whatever the case, he has a lawsuit filed against him in Los Angeles for beating photographer Brendon O’Neal.

According to court papers, Brendon O’Neal claims that he was randomly attacked in the street by Richards. He filed the lawsuit on September 10, 2010 claiming the attack occurred on August 10, 2010. He claims that he was punched in the face and knocked to the ground. He further alleges that while he was on the ground Richards ‘proceeded to kick (O’Neal) numerous times, directing the blows to (O’Neal’s) arms, hands, and camera.’

O’Neal is seeking unspecified damages for ‘great mental, physical and nervous pain and suffering’ as well as medical expenses.

The Richards camp has not made any public comments about Michael Richards being sued for beating photographer Brendon O’Neal.

You can watch video clips below of Michael Richards as Cosmo Kramer on Seinfeld.

Photos: Aaron Settipane /

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