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Bethany Storro, 28, became a victim of random, perhaps gang related violence Monday evening, August 30, 2010. An as yet unidentified female attacker approached her and threw acid or some similar noxious substance in her face. Or so we all thought at the time.

She had to have serious surgery to repair her face, and that was done at a Portland, Oregon hospital.

Bethany Storro Acid In The Face Hoax

When Bethany Storro’s story of having acid thrown in her face by a black woman came to light, civilized people everywhere were appalled, fearful and worried that this may be the beginning of a new trend.

We were told of the miracle of the sunglasses, bought just an hour before the attack, that prevented Storro from going blind.

We were outraged, and demanded justice. We were played like a violin at a cheap concert, as it has now been determined that the whole twisted story was a hoax.

Rumors of a hoax have been rampant for over a week.

Vancouver police announced during a press conference a few moments ago that Bethany Storro’s acid injuries were self inflicted. No motive has been offered but a current rumor is that she visited a plastic surgeon shortly before the ‘attack’.

There’s no word on what charges, if any, Ms. Storro will face. Her family has stated that all donations will be returned. That doesn’t do a damn bit of good when you consider there was a copy-cat attack in Arizona, and also that Bethany Storro carefully, purposely described her ‘attacker’ as a black woman!

One of the earlier reports on this poor ‘victim’ said this:

She has been in a great deal of pain, both physically and emotionally. Her family and hospital staff have been kind and supportive. As she would become frustrated, she realized “there’s nobody to get mad at. Everyone is so nice to me.”

Well, Bethany, that’s going to change. There are many people angry with you right now and some will find your actions not only selfish and deplorable, but unforgivable.

I personally hope the prosecutor throws the book at her. It doesn’t matter to me why she felt she needed this attention, the fact that she likely inspired a copy-cat and hatefully misidentified her made-up attacker is infuriating.

Shame on her. And God have mercy on future real victims.

Feel free to leave your thoughts and theories on ‘Bethany Storro Acid In The Face Hoax’ in the comment section below.

No video because I feel Bethany Storro’s 15 minutes of fame is over. Why would anyone want to see a woman so evil that she would perpetuate such a horrific hoax?