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Faribah Maradiaga, 19, was a ‘student’ taking an anger management class. Apparently she didn’t take the class seriously as she is currently being held on a $50,000 bond—for allegedly stabbing one of her classmates during a ‘word exchange’. That’s PC for argument I think.

Maradiaga is charged with second-degree assault. The incident took place at the Bellevue College campus.

Faribah Maradiaga Arrested For Anger Management Class Stabbing

The story won’t go away. Or the jokes. The alleged stabbing of a classmate by Faribah Maradiaga took place on Saturday morning, October 9, 2010. It’s 10 days later and people are still seemingly fascinated that violence could occur in an anger management class. Many are referring to this as an Epic Fail. I agree.

According to reports, the class was watching a video of Dr. Phil McGraw on anger issues and how to cope. Faribah Maradiaga started complaining about the video. A woman sitting two rows ahead of Maradiaga didn’t appreciate the disruption and stated “the video was good and to give it a chance.”

Maradiaga the stood up and began talking ‘trash’. Not content with verbally assaulting someone, it’s alleged that Faribah Maradiaga then pulled out a folding knife with a 3 inch blade.

And we have little kids getting kicked out of class everyday for using ‘finger guns’! Surely they have a zero tolerance for weapons in an anger management class! Wouldn’t ya think that would be the one place where you’re apt to be frisked and x-rayed and questioned?

The details:

Speaking with officers, the alleged victim said she was seated in the classroom watching an anger management video when Maradiaga started complaining about the video.

“(The victim) told the suspect that the video was good and to give it a chance,” the Bellevue officer said in court documents. “The suspect responded by saying, ‘Bitch, (expletive) you, I know you ain’t talking to me.'”

The officer noted that the victim responded in kind, telling Maradiaga, “Bitch, I know you ain’t talking to me.

Faribah Maradiaga walked over to the victim and (allegedly) stabbed her twice in the shoulder and once in her left arm. And unable to keep her mouth shut after that, she threatened to kill the victim and her family.

It’s alleged that Maradiaga confessed to the stabbing but went with the ‘she started it’ defense—claiming the victim threatened her first.

Hopefully the class had more than 2 students, and witnesses should be able to establish who started what and when, as well as who finished it.

I tend to agree with the following:

Anger management courses are a farce, a violence-prone individual isn’t going to learn how to control his violent temper in just a few courses. It’s takes intensive therapy to teach an angry person non-violent approaches to dealing with stressful situations.

What precipitated Maradiaga’s extreme reaction, did her classmate threaten to steal her boyfriend? Nah, the two Rhodes Scholars were arguing over the relative merits of a video game.

Obviously a woman who stabs someone for such a frivolous reason isn’t going to get her anger in check after a couple of anger-management courses.

Let’s get real most violent persons will never change, the best we can do is lock them away so they can’t hurt anyone other than fellow inmates.

Faribah Maradiaga is now facing two assault charges, including the one that landed her in anger management class. Okay—so that didn’t work out too well. Now what?

What say you? If you have any thoughts on ‘Faribah Maradiaga Arrested For Anger Management Class Stabbing,’ please leave them in the comment section below.

Would you allow her to continue with classes, or do you think she needs more intensive therapy, i.e. jail / prison time? At 19, and having that much anger, do you think of her as ticking time bomb or poor mis-guided teen?

Are anger management classes worthwhile? How many chances do we give someone before holding them accountable?

Personally, I think she has already had one chance too many. It’s a good thing she wasn’t an anatomy student—she might have gone for a vital organ!