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Derrick Henry Genesis Robinson
Derrick Henry, Genesis Robinson

Volusia County Supervisor of Elections Ann McFall requested an investigation into irregularities in absentee ballots in August 2010. The Volusia County Sheriff’s Office and State Attorney’s Office launched an investigation into McFall’s suspicions resulting in the arrest earlier today of City Commissioner Derrick Henry and his campaign manager Genesis Robinson. Both men have been charged with multiple third-degree felony counts.

Derrick Henry, 41-years-old, is an incumbent city commissioner running for re-election. Both he and his campaign manager, Genesis Robinson, 21-years-old, stand accused of illegally obtaining absentee ballots and filing them on behalf of individuals who had not requested the ballots. Legally, absentee ballots can only be obtained by residents themselves. The only exceptions are that a resident can request absentee ballots for immediate family members or someone for whom they are the legal guardian.

Apparently, Henry and Robinson requested a large number of absentee ballots for various individuals from the same email address. Ann McFall became more suspicious of the requests in that they were all for the Daytona Beach City Commission Zone 5 race. Derrick Henry is the Zone 5 incumbent.

It was discovered that Henry and Robinson had requested a total of 92 absentee ballots, apparently in an attempt to help Henry’s re-election chances. Officers searched Henry’s home in September and found absentee ballot applications, receipts and ballots as well as handbooks on Florida election laws.

All 92 people whose names had been used to obtain absentee ballots were interviewed. Some hadn’t lived in the state or county in years, others didn’t request the ballots but were contacted by Robinson who ‘helped’ them fill out the ballots. Some were relatives of Henry and Robinson.

Apparently Robinson admitted to investigators that he had come up with the plan which was approved by Henry. They both insist the whole thing was accidental and their only intention was to increase voter turn-out to increase Henry’s chances of re-election. He was re-electing in August with 65 percent of the vote.

Derrick Henry is charged with two counts of absentee ballots and voting violations, nine counts of being a principle to absentee ballots and voting violations and one count of conspiracy to commit absentee ballots and voting violations.

Genesis Robinson is charged with 11 counts of being a principal to absentee ballots and voting violations and one count of conspiracy to commit absentee ballots and voting violations.

Henry is an assistant principle at Mainland High School in Daytona Beach. He has worked at that school for 18-years. He is currently on leave with pay pending the outcome of this case. He does not claim any party affiliation.

Both men bailed out of the Volusia County branch jail in Daytona Beach on $6,000 bond each. If found guilty, each man is facing up to 5-years in prison and up to a $5,000 fine for each felony count in the indictment.

You can see raw video of Derrick Henry and Genesis Robinson here.