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Charlie Chaplin time traveler 1
Charlie Chaplin Time Travel (Photo)

The scene comes from an “extras” DVD sold with The Circus (1928) which shows outtakes not included in the original film. To see the apparently paranormal event, Mr. Clarke had to actually watch the extras DVD (who does that?) and watch it intently to notice an occurrence which at best lasts only three seconds. Then rewind it and watch again.

And again and again. In fact, George Clarke re-recorded the event in super slow motion so he could share it with all of his friends. Then he shared it with the world in the form of a YouTube video of the Charlie Chaplin time traveler which you can see at the bottom of this news article.

You can buy the set yourself on Amazon and I’m sure sales have spiked quite a bit in the past week thanks to our imaginative filmmaker.

In the video clip, a woman who looks remarkably like Winston Churchill enters the camera window walking right to left, disappears behind a parked car and emerges again on the left side of the frame. The woman decked out in a coat and hat appears to be holding a cellular phone in her left hand while chatting amiably with whomever must be on the other end of the phone.

Read more here and here and here.

The problem of course is that cell phones were not invented until 50 years later so the fanciful among us are speculating that the clip is proof of a Charlie Chaplin time traveler, someone who journeyed back in a time machine from the present day to the past. Back to the Future comes to mind, as well as half a dozen Star Trek episodes. Oh the things people think of when they have nothing to do!

In reality the picture appears to be of a hearing aid which in the 1920s had the same general shape of cellular phone today, something you held up to your ear rather than the innocuous inserts that elderly people use today. Siemens invented hearing aid devices in the early 20th century. The photo below is their 1910 model which is a storied part of their history. The clumsy hearing aid went through several early revisions including the popular 1920 model. Western Electric model 34A was similarly successful commercially at the time, pictured below in the second photograph.

So it is not a cell phone, darn it.

The Charlie Chaplin time traveler video was posted on October 19th and already has almost 2 million YouTube views. Wow!

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Charlie Chaplin Time Traveler (VIDEO)