Byran Fains of Centerville, Virginia captured a bright blue light on video on his mobile phone for nearly 10 minutes as it moved strangely about in the night sky. Was this a blue UFO over Virginia on the evening of November 4th? Maybe space aliens heard that anybody could vote in our elections these days, even aliens? The Unidentified flying object made no noise and was not behaving as any ordinary aircraft would. A number of people saw it reverse course at one point. Furthermore, there was no flights out of Dulles Airport that evening which would have flow near Centerville. So what was it?

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Mr. Fains was enjoying an evening of shopping at a local store that night. Lucky for him, and us, he had a decent cell phone that could take a reasonably long video recording with it’s camera. Fains and others saw the object overhead and were dumb-founded.

“All of the sudden, it would stop and go back like this,” described Fains as he recounted his experience with the local Fox TV affiliate. Using his finger to show the flight path of the UFO, he continued. “At one point, it stopped and went up. [There] was no sound. It was a distinct blue light. It was just blue.” Byran Fains added, “it’s weird. You only see this type of stuff in movies. Just as long as we’re here, I’m sure there are other things somewhere.”

So what was the bright blue light that Byran Fain and a number of people saw the evening of November 4th in the night sky? Was the blue UFO in Virginia on business or pleasure? Lucky for us Mr. Fain had his mobile phone and made a 10 minute video recording of the unidentified flying object. It certainly was not an airplane out of Dulles Airport, they make noise and this UFO did not! At one point, the UFO reversed course. Something strange is indeed happening!

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