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Amy Erin Blakely photo

The Chief Executive Officer of Devereux, Robert Krieder is coming out swinging against the claims. He said in a statement to the media that “We have not received the formal complaint, which has apparently just been filed with the court today. Ms. Allred has, however, shared details of the allegations and we can tell you that they are purposefully inflammatory, and either spurious or twisted in content and context.”

According to the company’s website, Devereux (based in Florida) is a non-profit behavioral health organization that supports vulnerable and under-served members of the community, which is fancy talk for saying that they help troubled kids. Founded in 1912, the company operates a network of educational and clinical employment programs which offer services for thousands of individuals annually. Additionally they do research into preventive measures for children and teens in order to live rewarding lives.

The facts of the case include claims that Amy Erin Blakely’s managers told her she was “too sensual” for having large breasts. She claims that is the reason she was unable to advance any further in the company, and the reason she faced constant harassment and discrimination at her work-place according to the lawsuit.

However she advanced very far indeed. According to reports she had been promoted and given raises precisely eight times in only 13 years, eventually achieving a high profile position as Assistant Executive Director at the age of 42. However last year in 2009 she accused the management of sexual harassment for continuously quipping about her breast size in two separate complaints. She says that the company management even suggested that she hide her breasts in public. She was fired shortly after, which the company says was for not being “on the same page.”

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We know that Ms. Blakely lives in Orlando, Florida but other information is welcome in the comments about her biography. Amy Erin Blakely too sensual? Curious as to reader thoughts as we watch the video below which contains more pictures of Amy Erin Blakely. Breast photo closeups, however, will definitely not be provided.

Amy Erin Blakely Video