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The two began to communicate via Facebook, e-mail and text messaging each other on a regular basis. The complainant stated the conversations would often be sexual in nature, and on the 14th of October, he received (nude) images of the defendant.”

She reportedly confessed to sending the images when confronted by the authorities. She was held in Harris County Jail in Texas before posting bail on Thursday for $20,000. If she were a guy bail would be far higher, but lucky for her she appears rather harmless and the crying eyes show sorrow for getting caught.

Read more about this news story in several places, most especially here and here. A Lori Darling David Facebook page can be found here although it is only a news report rather than her official Facebook page.

Why do women do this? For sport, I suppose, sometimes for fun. I’m not one who views this sort of thing as a mental illness. People like sex, and sometimes women who are bored with their lives want a thrill. Now if the kid were truly a kid instead of an eager beaver 16 year old dude, I’d say throw the book at her. But he isn’t, and as a guy you absolutely do know what you are doing at that age. Everyone who reads this article gets it. In my view this is a victimless crime, only made a crime by arbitrary rules that vary by state.

If the roles were reversed with an older pervert and a 16 year old girl, I’d say throw the book at him for sure. I have no problem defending a double standard when it comes to older women and younger pre-adults building their trail of sexual conquest. Do you?

More pictures of Lori Darling David are below along with a video report of the alleged crime. Now tell us what you think in the comments.

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