جديد المال الحقيقي لعبة ورق أفضل فيديو بوكر فتحة Subtopia كازينو جديد تطبيقات على الإنترنت Choy Sun Doa peliautomaatti

Messy Mya was shot at around 8 p.m. on Sunday night, November 14, 2010. A motive for the shooting is not been determined. However, its being reported that he was ‘busting someone’s balls’ prior to the shooting. Whatever conflict was between him and someone else after the baby shower is not known at this time.

After the shooting on the streets of New Orleans, a large crowd gathered around him. With cell phone technology being what it is, there’s little doubt that plenty of people had the opportunity to snap photos of him as he lay dying in the street. At least one person took a photo of Messy Mya’s dead body.

Then, someone apparently posted Messy Mya’s death photos on Twitter. Naturally, the photo was re-tweeted and circulated on Twitter for the world to see.

The downside to this whole episode is that there are apparently people in this world who think it is appropriate to put someone’s death photos online for their own personal reasons. The upside is that most people were totally disgusted by the fact that someone posted the photos in the first place.

Most sad at all is that a young life was taken for no apparent reason.

Rest in peace Messy Mya.

You can watch one of Messy Mya’s YouTube videos below.