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MANCHESTER, ENGLAND - JANUARY 07: A security officer demonstrates full body scan image on a computer screen on trial at Manchester Airport on January 7, 2010 in Manchester, England. The scanner x-rays to the depth of 10mm to produce an outline of the person's body which is then used to detect concealed, potentially dangerous objects. The image is then transmitted to a remote security officer who has no visual or verbal contact with the area where the machine is located. The images are deleted and can never be retrieved after the operator closes the window and the passenger is cleared. (Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

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Semi-naked activists from the Pirate Party in Germany staged a ‘fleshmob’ protest at the Berlin-Tegel Airport in Berlin, Germany earlier. They were protesting the body scanners, or as they are called there ‘Nacktscanners’.

As we all know, protesters seem to love to get naked for their protests. This is one case in which protesting in the nude seems to fit the occasion.

The German protesters showed up at the airport and began stripping. They had comments written on their bodies such as, ‘Be a good citizen, drop your pants’ and their body parts pointed out with arrows. I suppose that’s was just to help the screeners identify what they are looking at. One woman wore a size ‘pixelated’. The video was taken in January, but is certainly relevant today.

The video below is of the nude protest in Germany over airport body scanners. It may be slightly NSFW.