Louisville, Kentucky

Wisdom Duncan is facing charges of rape, robbery, assault, unlawful imprisonment and terroristic threatening.

The alleged victim and Duncan were former co-workers at a strip club.

Wisdom ( also known as Sunshine) Duncan’s bond was set at $100,000 and she has been appointed a public defender.

Wisdom Duncan: 100K Bail For Woman Accused Of Brutal Rape Of Woman (Video)

We seldom hear about the crime of women raping other women, but female on female violence has been on the rise for the last decade.

The violence we do hear of is usually about a bully or bullies giving a beat-down to another unsuspecting girl—-but rape?

Yes, it has happened throughout history but we seem to have produced a new breed of violent, sadistic females if recent crime statistics and reports are true.

Wisdom Duncan allegedly lured the 22 year old victim to her apartment to punish her for stealing two television sets. The theft was never reported and no one knows whether it actually happened. What is allegedly known is that after the victim entered the home, she was ordered at gunpoint to remove her clothes, then beaten, repeatedly punched and kicked in the face.

She was then tied to a chair, had her breasts cut and was raped with a sharp object—-reportedly the knife.

Wisdom Duncan, aka Sunshine, then, according to the victim, tied a rope around the victims neck and hung her from the hanger rod in the closet, leaving the young woman gasping for breath.

After an extended period of time, the victim was tied to Duncan, who allegedly ordered her to sleep naked next to her. Once Duncan fell asleep, the young woman was able to escape.

One of Wisdom ‘Sunshine’ Duncan’s neighbors had this to say:

He heard Duncan talking about the attack before her arrest.

“Cause somebody broke into her house and stole two televisions,” he said.

The man indicated that Duncan said the victim was believed to be responsible for the theft.

Followed by this:

“She was just talking. Moving around saying she just tied her up and threw her in the closet and tortured her a little bit for breaking in her home,” said the witness.

“I think it’s crazy,” he said.

The victim of this barbaric, vicious assault was mutilated and suffered serious injuries. She is now recovering at home.

Her alleged rapist, a woman and former co-worker is behind bars on a $100,000 bond.

Neither woman’s lives will ever be the same.

Wisdom Duncan has a history of criminal charges, most of them drug related. I’m sure the defense will want to mention that—-you know, to make the jury / judge feel sympathetic. After all, taking responsibility and not blaming someone or something is unheard of in our country these days.

We will never cut down on crime until our judicial system starts holding defendants accountable for their actions, regardless of what excuse(s) they come up with.

What say you about this horrific case? Please leave your thoughts on ‘Wisdom Duncan: 100K Bail For Woman Accused Of Brutal Rape Of Woman’ in the comment section after the video.

Why is there so much hatred and violence among women these days? Should a woman receive the same sentence as a man charged with the same crime or are we softer on females because of their gender?

My personal feeling is we should be a bit harsher on a woman that commits this type of crime. We are supposed to be nurturers, care-givers, not some mutant sub-species that seems to have infiltrated society.