3 Responses to “Brad Meltzer’s DECODED – Missing White House Cornerstone Mystery”

  1. 1
    AcuppaCoffee Says:

    Please clear up your grammatical confusion regarding when to use an apostrophe with the word “it”.

  2. 2
    ed Says:


    I finally hit the net to check out the “Lucifer” connection to the Staute of Liberty. Strangely the first thing I thought of was the Seven Horns on the “Bonnent?” of Lady Liberty.

    The 7 headed beast mentioned in Revelations, and Lady Liberty supposedly an image of Lucifer is quite intriguing.

    I wonder if the designer of the statue had any occult connections that have not been explored. Only the enlightened ones will know for sure, I know that was a cheesy reference to the Illuminati cult, or was it?

  3. 3
    john rice Says:

    The Vatican has the white house corner stone. It was stolen 1961 when JFK was president. They wanted too show that nothing was beyond there reach.

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