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It doesn’t come as a huge surprise that Hollywood celebrities are rushing to the defense of Jilian Assange, the WikiLeaks co-founder and front-man who has been leaking classified documents from the United States Department of Defense. The only surprise is that Assange has targeted ‘their guy’ President Barack Obama and his State Department. One would think that would be reason enough for them to want him put away. But I guess if its someone who is working against American interest, then that’s good enough for them.

It also should come as no surprise that Michael Moore would be front-and-center in helping Assange out. This is the director of films like ‘Fahrenheit 9/11′ and that movie about how much better it is to live in Cuba than the United States but doesn’t explain why Cubans have risked their lives in mass to get out of Cuba and come to the United States. Its worthy of noting that after visiting Cuba for his movie, Michael Moore came BACK to the United States. Oh well.

Naturally, Moore made a point of making his support of Julian Assange public. He wrote a letter about it.

Moore claims that WikiLeaks has saved lives. He doesn’t mention the lives it has taken by exposing people who have helped the U.S. and our Soldiers in war zones. But that’s another matter altogether, I’m sure. He writes:

I am publicly offering the assistance of my website, my servers, my domain names and anything else I can do to keep WikiLeaks alive and thriving as it continues its work to expose the crimes that were concocted in secret and carried out in our name and with our tax dollars

Moore tweeted, ‘I’m posting bail money for J Assange today. I wont [sic] stand by and be a witness to a railroading’.

Bail for Assange, 39-years-old, has been set by a judge in the Westminster Magistrates Court in London at $315,000. He is jailed on an international arrest warrant issued by Sweden. Some assume Sweden issued the arrest warrant under duress from the United States. U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder is said to be looking into whether or not Assange can be charged for espionage in the United States.

Moore rages about Conservative politicians who have lambasted Assange for the leaked State Department and Defense Department documents. However, he apparently forgot about the left-leaning politicians who have also condemned Assange. Most of the documents that Assange released into the public have shed an unflattering light on the Obama Administration and Hillary Clinton’s State Department in particular.

Michael Moore has committed $20,000 towards paying Assange’s bond.

Swedish prosecutors have appealed to the U.K. courts to revoke bail for Assange so that issue will have to be ruled on before he can post bail and walk out of jail as presumably disappear as he has so many times before.

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