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statue of liberty or lucifer 01
Brad Meltzer’s Decoded questions if the Statute of Liberty is a symbol of freedom or of Lucifer?
Image Source: National Parks Service

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Needless to say, this runs contrary to the whole Judeo-Christian concept of Adonay being the ‘Good God’ and Lucifer, the disobedient bad-angel. If you recall your Book of Genesis, Lucifer had been God’s #1 angel, up until that moment when Lucifer thought himself so beautiful, so perfect, so powerful, as to consider himself God’s equal. At which point, Lucifer was cast out of heaven to reign in Hell.

So, where does the Statue of Liberty come into this? Brad Meltzer’s ‘Decoded’ team of investigators learn from several ‘experts’ that much of the design of the statue is drawn from various Masonic disciplines. The very face of the statue and it’s crown with seven spikes is literally taken right from the Roman pagan goddess, Libertas, though the image showed on TV was one of Mithra. Actually, a better example would be the Roman goddess Juno, wife of Zeus, usually portrayed holding up a torch with her right hand.

The designer of the statue, Frederic Bartholdi, had originally conceived his statue to be given to Egypt, and would stand as a ‘beacon of light’ at Port Said at the Mediterranean entrance to the Suez Canal. But when the canal company rejected the offer, Bartholdi went to Plan B, offer it to America to celebrate it’s centennial. So the Statue of Liberty was ‘re-gifted’ to us, instead.

All in all, this episode of Brad Meltzer’s ‘Decoded’ was disappointing. His team spent too much time wasted on the Illuminati question. About the only decent point made by Meltzer was at the very end. The Statue of Liberty, like most symbols, will mean different things to different people. The intention to symbolize liberty and freedom are obvious. Symbolizing Lucifer, or Juno, Libertas, Isis, Diana, etc., is less obvious. Unless, of course, you are familiar with the esoteric. While some may think the Statue of Liberty beacons us to the Immanentizing of the Eschaton, I prefer to think of her as the Greek goddess, Eris, known to the Romans as Discordia, the goddess of Chaos and Confusion. All Hail Eris! All Hail Discordia!

statue of liberty or lucifer 02

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