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Crystal Gayle (Gail) Mangum, now 32, was found guilty of child abuse and damaging property yesterday, December 17,2010.

She was charged in February, 2010 with arson, attempted murder, property damage and child abuse.

If the name is familiar, it’s likely you remember her as the stripper that filed false rape charges against three Duke lacrosse players in 2006 in an attempt to gain fame and fortune.

Her actions eventually lead to the downfall of prosecutor Mike Nifong, who knowingly let her lies continue—while in pursuit of his own 15 minutes of notoriety.

Updated April 3, 2011 here.

Crystal Mangum: LaCrosse Rape Accuser Convicted Of Child Abuse(Video)

Last February 17, a Durham, N.C. dispatcher answered an emergency call from a frantic child—identified later as one of Crystal Mangum’s young daughters. The nine-year-old said “My mom’s gonna die if you don’t hurry.”

When police arrived on scene they said Mangum was “scratching, punching, and throwing objects” at Milton Walker. Walker was Mangum’s live-in boyfriend at the time.

Police allege they heard Mangum tell Milton Walker “I’m gonna stab you mother f—-r.”

With two police offers, three children and her boyfriend in the home, Mangum then put Walker’s clothes and possessions in the bathtub and set fire to them. The apartment suffered heavy smoke damage but thankfully no one was injured.
Crystal Mangum was arrested and taken to jail.

All of the charges she was convicted of yesterday, December 17, 2010, are misdemeanors. A mistrial was declared by Superior Court Judge Abraham Jones on the felony arson charge because the jury deadlocked.

So, after putting her children and others in danger, once again Crystal Mangum receives a slight slap on the hand. She was sentenced to time served—-a mere 88 days.

A 12-member jury found Mangum guilty of child abuse, injury to personal property and resisting a public officer, all misdemeanors. Under state sentencing guidelines, 90 days was the maximum sentence Jones could have ordered, but he decided she’d paid enough for her crimes.

Crystal Mangum was also awarded custody of her three children. She lost custody last August.

Durham County Prosecutor Mark McCullough is unsure about whether or not he will attempt to retry Crystal Mangum on the felony arson charge.

Since the jury was deadlocked 9-3 in her favor, I doubt that he will refile and personally think it’s a shame.

We all know how rapidly fires spread. She gave no thought to her children while allegedly starting a fire in her bathtub. Her anger at the live-in boyfriend, Milton Walker, was far stronger than her love for her children. Personally, I believe there’s something wrong with someone that does not put a child’s welfare ahead of their own.

This woman, Crystal Gayle (Gail) Mangum has managed to outmaneuver the judicial system since 2006.

In a real rush to judgment, Reade Seligmann, Collin Finnerty, and David Evans became victims of Mangum’s when she was able to convince Mike Nifong and others that she had been raped.

The N.C. Attorney General eventually found the three young men factually innocent, but not before lives had been destroyed, reputations ruined, and Mangum’s bank account increased.

Her supporters gave her a ‘free ride’ through college, and helped her on the road to a brand new life. She was never charged for lying or defamation of character. She was able to go about her life with her head held high, and when things became a little tight, she wrote a book, hoping to capitalize on her ‘story.’

Then she acquired another live-in boyfriend and couldn’t get along with him, either. She even accused him of setting the fire—in the presence of the police and her innocent children.

When police attempted to take Mangum into custody, she “unlawfully and willfully” resisted arrest, court records show. She also allegedly provided them with a fake name, Marella, and age.

That tells me she knew exactly what she was doing—-yet she was sentenced to time served, less than three months, and was able to regain custody of her children. Why?

What has to happen before Crystal G. Mangum is finally held accountable for her abhorrent behavior?

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