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Mona Yvette Nelson, an ex-convict, has been arrested and charged with capital murder after the charred remains of a child were identified as missing 12 year old Houston boy, Jonathan Paul Foster.

Nelson, a maintenance worker for a few apartment complexes in Houston, is barely an acquaintance of Jonathan’s mother, Angela Davis. They met Christmas Eve night.

It’s believed Nelson was a friend of Sharon Ennamorato, Jonathan’s babysitter, who also lived with Davis and her son.

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Little Jonathan Foster, 12, spent his last four years living happily with his Grandmother, an Aunt and an Uncle. He moved in with his mother Angela Davis and her husband, David Davis in November, 2010. Problems arose and in mid-December Angela and Jonathan moved into an apartment with Sharon Ennamorato. Both residences are in the Villa Nueva Apartment complex.

Johnathan, known as JP, vanished on December 24, 2010. A massive search yielded nothing until a small child’s badly burned body was discovered on Tuesday morning, December 28, in a ditch / culvert.

David Davis said he last saw his step-son alive, playing video games in the new apartment at 1:45 PM Christmas Eve afternoon.

Angela Davis said she received two mysterious phone calls at work.

“I got two phone calls at work,” mother Angela Davis said. “My job told me that my son called one time saying it was an emergency, and I never got that call. The second time I got a phone call from my boss. She said that it was a lady, and by the time I got to the phone they hung up.”

Angela left work and headed for home. When she arrived, the TV was on and video games were on the computer screen. Jonathan Foster had disappeared.

Mrs. Davis initially lied to police, saying her son had been at the babysitter’s—-she later said it was because she was ashamed she had left her son home alone. Her husband David took and passed a polygraph.

When a small child’s badly charred body was discovered on Tuesday morning, no one wanted to believe if was Jonathan. The remains were half hidden in a culvert. An autopsy revealed the body was that of Jonathan Foster. Unknown to the person responsible, along the tollway where his body was dumped, a surveillance camera on a nearby business provided police with valuable information. The images lead them to Mona Nelson.

That footage led police to her home, where they reportedly found a “boatload” of evidence, including burned carpet and twine similar to string that was found on Jonathan’s hands.

Mona Yvette Nelson, 44, has admitted to being with the child but has not admitted to killing him. She is charged with capital murder, is the only suspect and is being held without bond. Some have speculated that she killed Johnathan Foster with a blow-torch.

Court records show that in 1984, Nelson was charged with aggravated robbery. She later pleaded guilty in exchange for 10 years’ probation. Her probation was revoked in 1991 and she was sent to prison. The newspaper reports that it was unclear from court records how long she spent in prison.

Stories don’t usually get more disgusting than this one. What possible motive could some woman have to kidnap and murder a child on Christmas Eve? Or any ‘Eve’? And in such a sadistic, barbaric way!

The only good news about this is that it happened in Texas. Whoever is found guilty of this heinous crime will likely get the death penalty, and Texas doesn’t wait dozens of years to implement it.

My thought is that whatever attorney is assigned to Mona Nelson will try for an insanity plea. This was not insanity—-whoever did this is the epitome of pure evil. Investigators have called the person responsible ‘soulless’, and I agree.

What say you? Can you think of a motive for such a senseless crime against a precious little 12 year old boy? Was it Jonathan Foster that Nelson wanted to hurt, or his family? Perhaps the babysitter?

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