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The crime became the subject of two books and a made-for-TV movie. Robert Kissel was a high-flying investment banker. Formerly of Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch, testimony chronicled his alcoholism, cocaine use, and sexual abuse. His wife Nancy also admitted during the original trial that she, too, had an extramarital sexual affair with an electrician at their vacation home in Vermont.

So with elements like these, the case is an ideal one for crime fans. Sex, drugs and milkshakes! How can you go wrong? Throw in the whole international aspect and one only wishes that Detective Hercule Poirot was around to take the case! This crime was tailor made for Agatha Christie!

Hong Kong, which is now part of China, still maintains it’s own autonomous court system. Five men and four women were selected to sit in the jury for the ‘Milkshake Murder’ retrial on Tuesday during the proceedings. The retrial is expected to last perhaps two months. The prosecutor laid out the details of the case. How Nancy Kissel spiked husband Robert Kissel’s milkshake with a cocktail of six drugs. Then beat his head until death. Nancy then covered the body a plastic bag, rolled the corpse up in a carpet and moved it to storage. Nice!

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