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Police officials claim that John Skelton, 39, the father of three (3) missing Michigan boys, has lied more than once about why his children are missing.

The brothers, Tanner Skelton, 5, Alexander Skelton, 7, and Andrew Skelton, 9, were last seen in their father’s yard late Thanksgiving afternoon.

Tanya Skelton, their mother, reported them missing Friday afternoon, November 26, 2010, after her estranged husband failed to return them to her.

Skelton’s claims of giving his boy’s to a woman or giving them to an underground rescue group have proven false.

Today, police announced the Skelton boys case is no longer one of missing persons, but an active murder investigation.

View the video and read more on this tragic story below.

John Skelton has been named the primary suspect in what is now a murder investigation of his 3 sons.

Last November, 2010, Skelton said he gave his sons to a woman named JoAnn Taylor, and she was to return the children to their mother. An Amber Alert was issued and an extensive search effort was made.

It was later determined that John Skelton was lying.

Skelton continued lying. His next story was that he had given Tanner, Alexander and Andrew to an underground group that rescued and hid abused children. United Foster Outreach and Underground Sanctuary, the agency that allegedly has the boys, does not exist.

John also lied about being fired from his job. Turns out he quit his job the day before Thanksgiving. He also made a half hearted suicide attempt, somehow breaking his ankle in the process. He spent several days in an Ohio medical facility before being returned to Michigan to face kidnapping charges.

Tired of the lies and false hopes, a meeting was held in late January; it was decided to end the missing person status of the boys and pursue a murder investigation instead. Officials have long believed the boys were dead.

“From this point forward, this is no longer a missing-person case, but a murder investigation,” Morenci Police Chief Larry Weeks told a news conference today.

Weeks does not know when murder charges will be filed. During a news conference held today, February 1,2011, Weeks said:

People would want to know what kind of evidence he had found to determine the case of murder investigation. “As you can imagine it is very difficult to divulge details.”

Skelton’s bond is 30 million dollars, so he has ample time to sit and dream up excuses about the disappearance of the children.

Personally, I think he is taking great delight in tormenting his soon to be ex-wife. What better way to destroy a mother than leave her with no idea where her children are?

Last Friday, January 28, 2011, Lenawee County Circuit Judge Margaret Noe found Skelton in contempt of court after he refused to turn the boys over to their mother. He told the judge “I can’t.”

His next court date is February 9th, 2011.

What do you think about this turn of events? Did John Skelton murder his three children or put them in hiding?

Should his bond be lowered? Is he evil or just sadistically vindictive?

He certainly doesn’t act like he has mental issues—every move he makes appears to be well thought out.

If charged with murder, do you think he will be convicted? Will these three precious, missing Michigan boys ever be found, dead or alive?

Please leave your thoughts in the comment section beneath the video.