Police found the former president of Enron’s son dead this week in his Southern California apartment. John Taylor Skilling was found after friends called police when he didn’t show up for a planned dinner. Get the full story with pictures and video below.

Enron Jeffrey Skilling

Distraught, the incarcerated former CEO will be applying for permission to attend his son’s funeral. Skilling’s lawyer, Daniel Petrocelli, spoke to the media on behalf of his client.

“He didn’t have any major issues. He just a healthy, young college kid and just a wonderful young man. This is very, very tragic,” Petrocelli said.

Investigators found the former president of Enron’s son dead at 10:30 pm on Tuesday. Friends say they visited his apartment after he failed to show up for a meeting, and saw him laying on his bed through a window. They were apparently worried about John because he’d grown depressed after a recent breakup.

Police showed up with paramedics to find the 20-year-old unresponsive on his bed with prescription bottles strewn around the room. Upon initial investigation, officers say they suspect an unintentional overdose. A comedy movie DVD was playing on his television.

Currently serving a 24-year sentence for fraud and insider trading in connection with the downfall of his former company, Skilling senior recently filed for a new trial after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that prosecutors employed an invalid legal theory to secure the conviction against him.

No matter the character of his father, the young man’s death is a tragedy. While the cause of death is unclear for now, Petrocelli remains convinced the entire thing was an unfortunate accident.

“This was tragically accidental,” Petrocelli said. “There is no indication of foul play and no indication of suicide.”

Do you think Jefferey Skilling should be able to attend the funeral of his dead son? Enron’s collapse and Skilling’s role in it were as serious a crime as any. Would Bernie Madoff be granted this request if he were in a similar situation? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section. Plus, get more on this tragic story in the photo and video below.

Enron Jeffrey Skilling